Sami Marvasti

Graphic Designer

Sami Marvasti
  • What drives her work - A passion for creating the next big thing.
  • What she likes to do most - Make the common uncommon.
  • What she likes to do least - Attend endless meetings.
  • What you'll notice about her work - Comfort with a broad range of design styles, simple to complex, depending on the project's needs.
  • Her specialties - Designs for traditional and e-media that are targeted to the audience.
  • Professional background - Twenty years of experience including 14 at an advertising firm. Has won multiple design awards for packaging, print and television projects.
  • Personal snapshot - Multi-tasker extraordinaire, whether at work or play. Can't get enough of her nieces and nephews and enjoys seeing the world through their eyes. Also, a true "pet person," who believes she could never have too many animals.