Harris Exec Comp Program Materials

  • Client: Harris Corporation, manufacturer of digital and wireless systems
  • The challenge: In recent years, executive compensation programs have increased significantly in complexity. These programs are often not fully appreciated or understood by executives, which diminishes a company‚Äôs ability to attract, retain and motivate key employees. Harris Corporation wanted to showcase their executive compensation program and demystify the workings of the plan for key executives.
  • The project: Blue created and coordinated the flash programming for this powerful online interactive tool that delivers a tutorial on how the plan works and interacts with SharePoint and E*TRADE. The tool also provides detailed information as well as stock data, administration and management.
  • Result: An intuitive, interactive, online tool that gives executives fingertip access to the value of their compensation plan and relevant stock data to help them stay on top of their plans and get the most value out of them.