Michelle Sanguinetti

Revenue Accountant

Michelle is the engine that keeps Blue Communications running by ensuring the smooth functioning of the agency. She has implemented procedure and policy changes to improve operational efficiency, and ensures the security, integrity and confidentiality of data. Michelle understands the importance of collaboration and teamwork, and has watched Blue grow by leaps and bounds, all the while cheering on the dazzling and award-winning finished products she helps to make possible with her excellent organizational skills.

Christa Bingham

Administrative Manager

Christa works closely with the leadership team and our Revenue Coordinator to keep Blue Communications running like a well-oiled machine. She manages the Blue Hub and trains new Blue team members how to navigate with precision and accuracy. She is also the point of contact with our partner UnityIT to ensure Blue has the most up to date and innovative technology. Christa understands the importance of administrative support for the team and when she doesn’t have the answer (which isn’t often), she’ll find it. She is organized, diligent and ultra-responsive.