Pam founded Blue Communications Agency in 1997 and serves as both the head and the heart of the organization. She has been consulting with businesses for over 25 years, helping them navigate significant benefit, compensation, organizational, workforce and business changes with effective communications strategies. Pam uses her deep understanding of how employees learn to create programs and processes for Blue clients to support and achieve their business goals. And in the process, she’s won over 80 awards for communications excellence throughout her career. Pam acts as coach, advisor and mentor to a diverse staff of creative and driven professionals to ensure that Blue delivers strategic, innovative and engaging employee communications solutions on time and on budget … always.

Founder and CEO

Sheilesha is a friendly, smart and experienced leader who is committed to excellence in everything she does. That makes her the perfect person to manage and support key client accounts at Blue. She’s also instrumental in the development of our Organizational Change Management line of business. Her experience extends beyond benefits, and includes diversity, HR operations, training and development, HR analytics, and shared services. She has a passion for and a great understanding of well-being in corporate America and around the world. And did we mention she earned her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior focusing on cultural diversity, inclusion and leadership? What great knowledge and insight Sheilesha offers to our clients at Blue!

Vice President Managing Director

Sami is a creative dynamo with a giant heart and a lively imagination. She oversees the creative process at Blue, working with the consultants, design team, and project managers. With over 20 years of graphic design experience — including 14 with an advertising agency — she takes ideas and words and turns them into images, layouts and campaigns targeted to each specific audience. Sami displays a mastery of design styles, simple to complex, and has a special flair for brand development. She has been the Creative Director for many of Blue’s 80+ communications awards, including five Gold Quills, Best Internal Communications Campaign (ABA), and Internal Communications Program of the Year (IBA).

Creative Director

Traci can simplify complex subject matter and bring harmony to challenging projects. She specializes in developing strategies and writing exceptional copy for all types of media. She is a team player who manages projects with dedication to meeting deadlines. Traci develops and implements effective communication strategies through a variety of channels to engage and educate employees about getting the most from their HR resources. She has more than 20 years of experience partnering with clients to coordinate complex project implementations, analyze problems and identify clever communications solutions. Traci has also won multiple awards for her work.

Managing Director and Lead Content Director

Tristan is our technology guru. He specializes in user experience (UX) design, user interface (UI) design and WordPress Development. Tristan has a genuine love of both design and evolving technologies, and is adept at both back- and front-end website development. Easy-going, thoughtful and enthusiastic, Tristan enjoys collaborating with clients to solve problems and achieve their goals. He thrives on building highly usable and great-looking interfaces, as well as delighting users with useful and elegant features that never get in the way of content. Self-taught while completing a doctorate in philosophy, Tristan has more than 17 years of website design and programming experience. He has won awards for both web design and photography.

Digital Media Director

Marcas is the epitome of a master multi-tasker. As his title suggests, he’s heavily involved in both client and employee engagement and support. But he also leads the charge for Blue when it comes to our operations, IT, HR/benefits, brand management, business development, marketing and more. In short, when he sees ways to improve Blue’s performance, he’s on it! Before he came to Blue, Marcas spent more than 12 years developing strategic initiatives to provide information and value to a wide variety of employers. He is passionate about and recognized as a thought leader around addressing and reducing the stigma of depression in the workplace.

Vice President of Engagement

Kathy is a recognized industry go-getter who champions Blue’s Change Management, Innovation, and Workforce Strategy Communications lines of business. During her 30 years of communications consulting, clients across various industries have partnered with her in solving the most complex workforce challenges. Kathy has led large, successful consulting teams to communicate corporate transactions (such as mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, IPOs), employee engagement and value proposition, internal branding, global communications management, and more. Kathy knows that innovative communication is the powerful catalyst that leads to measurable improvements and optimal results.

Vice President of Innovation


Blue Communications has provided 20 years of service to our industry, and some of the most respected companies in the U.S. trust us to communicate and educate their employees. We’re award winners, go-getters, and trend setters. We’re visionaries, consultants, project managers, copy writers, designers, and programmers. Will you be a part of our next 20 years?

We’re looking for creative individuals ready to use their imagination while providing high quality service. We’re looking for innovative individuals willing to grow and contribute to the changing world of employee communications. We’re looking for dedicated individuals ready to join a specialized field while inspiring a practice of communications and change management. We’re looking for efficient individuals who understand that the industry works fast, but we work faster.

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