Our technology rocks

Aggregator of Benefits Content (ABC): Personal data and transactions belong on password-protected sites, but HR and benefits information should also be outside the company firewall – where it’s easily accessible to employees and spouses/domestic partners, new hires and prospects. Ask us about our ABC, a great pre-login experience for finding and using the many resources available from your vendors, for learning about benefits, for transactional access to information, and more.

Password-Protected Portals: We make it easy for HR or other internal groups to access critical information and collaborate online.

Microsites: We also build smaller websites that can be launched quickly and easily, and can be taken down when the initiative is over.

Need an app? We can build it.

Our service delivers cost-effective, responsive emails with reliable formatting across all devices. We create and distribute eCards, eNewsletters and more.

Texts have a 98% open rate, compared to a 20% open rate for email, making texting an affordable, efficient way to reach employees. We can text your employees and spouses/domestic partners to make sure they receive important announcements or reminders, and they can opt out at any time.

Nothing compares to the impact of a video. We work with our clients to develop, script, produce and edit a variety of videos, including on location shoots, animation/motion graphics and short, informal videos for social media and presentations.

We recognize the benefits of applying gaming to activities and processes to enhance employee engagement. We can help you identify goals and desired outcomes, and incorporate game mechanics and rewards – such as watching videos, leaving comments, taking quizzes or polls, participating in challenges or achieving goals – to drive behavior.