AECOM Social Media Contest

Blue Communications works closely with AECOM on their U.S., Canada and global well-being programs. Each year, our goal is to engage employees and their families to make their well-being a priority each and every day. What better way to engage than to ask them to share photos and videos of themselves and their favorite ways to be well!

Client: AECOM
Industry: Architecture, Building and Construction
Number of Employees: 50,000 employees globally

This contest was a part of AECOM’s global well-being program. To kick off the campaign, AECOM asked employees and their family members to take to social media to post an image or video representing their way to be well. Whether it was taking a yoga class, meditating or contributing to their 401(k), employees were encouraged to be creative.

In addition to earning well-being points, the contest allowed employees to share healthy tips and inspiration with colleagues around the world.

In only five weeks, hundreds of entries were submitted to the contest and several were selected to be featured in well-being and benefits communications throughout the year.

We pulled the submissions together into a feed on AECOM’s benefits and well-being websites to make it easy for everyone to enjoy the wonderful photos and tips.

The campaign also led to a broader initiative at AECOM in which leaders incorporate “well-being moments” into meetings throughout the workday.

Years later, we continue to receive well-being photo and tip submissions from employees and their loved ones, and well-being moments are a part of life at AECOM.