AECOM Aggregator of Benefits Content (ABC)

To help AECOM employees and their families more easily access and understand their benefits and how to use all the available resources and programs, Blue Communications developed a digital benefits platinum built using Blue's Aggregator of Benefits Content (ABC) tool. This mobile-optimized website brings all AECOM benefits information together in one place, including descriptions of benefits, access to benefits carriers, personalized benefits accounts, and information for spouses/domestic partners.

Client: AECOM
Industry: Architecture, Building and Construction
Number of Employees: 50,000 employees globally

The Challenge: Finding and Understanding Benefits Information

Finding benefits information and making sense of it can keep many of us from taking full advantage of employer-provided benefits plans. Benefits information is often written in complicated language spread across multiple maze-like carrier websites, and many benefits plan sponsors keep even non-sensitive plan details locked down and inaccessible to non-employees. This makes it difficult for spouses/domestic partners, many of whom are highly involved in using these benefits and making benefits and health decisions for the family, to access the most basic and general plan coverage information.

The Solution: Pre-Login Benefits Platform

The new digital benefits platform put all benefits information and resources in one place with a simple mobile-friendly interface that categorizes information the way an employee thinks rather than the way an employer’s Benefits Department is organized — which creates a better employee experience and saves the benefits team time and money.

The Results: High Site Traffic and Engaged Users

After only a few months, 95% of U.S employees were regularly engaging with the site, more than 60% visiting more than one page on the site per visit, and 30% said they had shared the site with their spouse/domestic partner — indicating high engagement.

The platform has become the “go to” source of benefits and well-being information for U.S. employees, with engagement kept high throughout the year and especially during the Benefits Open Enrollment seasons, times of crisis such as during the pandemic, for observances such as Mental Health Awareness Month, and when important deadlines are coming up and for the launch of new and updated benefits. The site was so successful that we launched a similar site for Canada employees as well as a scaled down digital approach for employees in other regions around the world.