AECOM Global Well-Being Challenges

In addition to creating and managing AECOM's Global Well-Being digital platform, Blue Communications assists with planning and communicating fun and engaging challenges for AECOM employees and family members around the world.

Client: AECOM
Industry: Architecture, Building and Construction
Number of Employees: 50,000 employees globally


The Super 6 Global Well-Being Challenge has become an annual AECOM tradition and one of the company’s most beloved well-being events. The challenge encourages employees and their loved ones to be “Well-Being Superheroes” by sharing their well-being stories and tips to inspire and motivate one another to make good health and happiness a priority. It’s an opportunity for employees to connect with one another, wherever they may be around the world. Everyone is celebrated for their participation, but just a few are selected to be the Super 6!

The annual Step Up to the Challenge steps challenge encourages employees to stride together toward toward a shared goal. It’s a fun way to get everyone moving for their physical, emotional and social well-being. It’s also a way to give back to community — when the company-wide steps goal is achieved, AECOM makes a donation to their charitable giving partners, Water for People and Engineers Without Borders.