Organizational Change Management

Overview Client Name Withheld

This client embarked on a multiyear business transformation to streamline and standardize their systems and processes across their North American operations. Their existing technology had not been updated in decades, and new technology would allow the business to reduce administrative tasks and provide better client service by bringing greater efficiencies to the business.

While the transformation was going to be a positive one, ensuring that tens of thousands of employees embrace change, learn new systems and processes and maintain best practices is challenging. Blue was hired to manage the organizational change and help employees overcome the emotional component of change, one person at a time.


Blue knows that creating sustained change requires engagement and communication across all levels of the organization. To achieve this, we:

  • Developed a change strategy and governance model across various stakeholder groups, from leadership to field employees, to clearly outline engagement activities and roles and responsibilities and to drive accountability for each stakeholder group.
  • Engaged leaders at every level to ensure change was owned, communicated and driven at various levels of the organization.
  • Conducted a stakeholder analysis to understand impacts and engagement strategies for each stakeholder group.
  • Established a change champion network to drive change across the business.
  • Developed a communications strategy to create awareness, enhance understanding and drive behavioral change.
  • Collected feedback on an ongoing basis to evolve the change management strategy and approach to maximize effectiveness and ensure it continued to meet the needs of the various stakeholder groups.


While this project is ongoing, the results include notable successes including clear communication channels that are now used for other projects. By fostering ownership, a commitment to stakeholder needs and a dynamic feedback loop, the transformation continues to evolve and strengthen.

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