DXC Technology Benefits Administration Transition

DXC Technology partnered with Blue Communications to strategize, create and implement transition communications to help support their employees through significant benefits administrator changes.

Client: DXC Technology
Industry: IT Services
Number of Employees: 14,000 U.S. employees, 130,000 employees globally


DXC decided to implement benefits administration changes to support an enhanced employee experience, including a new enrollment platform, benefits service center administrator and spending account administrator.

With these significant changes on the horizon, the DXC benefits team recognized the critical need for employee change communications and turned to Blue for assistance.

DXC and Blue collaborated and worked closely with the new administrators to create a communications strategy designed to guide employees through every phase of the transition. Blue also assisted in crafting the communications, which included using DXC’s benefits website — which we had created and launched for them the previous year — to communicate real-time transition updates to employees and their families.

We also updated the DXC’s benefits visual identity to signal a change in administrative technology.


The result was a resounding success and a happy client, with minimal disruption for employees and the benefits team. Employees seamlessly transitioned to the new benefits administration landscape, once again proving the power of communications in driving organizational change!

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