Global Well-Being Platform

Well-Being Solution for Employees and their Families Around the World

AECOM enlisted Blue’s services to provide a well-being platform that was easy to access and navigate for their global employees and their loved ones.

Blue created an employee facing site allows AECOM leadership to share resources for emotional, financial, physical, social, and intellectual well-being – and to support the planet’s well-being too. Over time, we added regional benefits information as well, which has been particularly helpful for global employees who previously had no easy digital access to their benefits.

The site has become the go-to platform for AECOM employees and spouses/domestic partners to access resources to help them be well, connect with their colleagues around the world, join fun well-being challenges, develop healthy habits and find daily well-being inspiration and mood boosters.

It’s also become a central location for providing regional benefits information and crisis resources for global employees. It was a key tool for reaching employees and their families with vital information and resources to help them be well during the pandemic.

Engagement with the site has exceeded AECOM’s goals and continues to grow!

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