Tips for an Easy, Breezy Open Enrollment Season

Does open enrollment (and the months leading to its arrival) send your team into a spiral of never-ending to-dos? Although you may already be counting down the days… minutes…seconds until open enrollment season is over for the year, the Blue team has some actionable tips you can put in place now to ensure a successful open enrollment this year, and for years to come.

Pam Little, Founder and CEO

KISS it.

Keep It Super Simple. Focus only on what employees need to know to make their elections. And don’t overcomplicate your content. Use easy, understandable language and repeat important key messages frequently.

Sheilesha Willis, Chief Strategy Officer

Take care of you too.

One of the most important things to remember this OE season is to take care of yourself too! Open enrollment often means clocking in long hours at the office, which can lead to stress and burnout. Take time to eat a healthy meal, practice mindfulness and stay hydrated.

Traci Sexton, Managing Director and Lead Content Director

Don’t stop with open enrollment.

Keep the conversation going beyond the OE deadline. You can do this by providing a post-OE year-end benefits checklist and a new year checklist with reminders about all the different benefits options your organization provides. 

Shahrzad Marvasti, Creative Director

Make it memorable.

Design your open enrollment communications in a memorable and unexpected way. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and use beautiful imagery, big headlines and creative concepts to draw your employees in.

Angeles Stuart, Managing Director and Lead Consultant

FAQs are your friend.

Consider creating an FAQ document to provide quick answers to commonly asked questions and minimize the need for employees to seek additional assistance.

Eliza Abola, Analytics Coordinator

Don’t glaze over the data.

To help you understand if your employees are responding to your communications in the ways that you hoped and planned, it’s important that you analyze the data after open enrollment. Data can help you see what your employees are engaging with the most, what they’re reading and, ultimately, what’s important to them… helping you to communicate more effectively in the future.

Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with your open enrollment strategy and communications? Let our team of experts help. We’ve assisted our clients with award winning communications campaigns, and we can help you too!