HER Branding

HER Branding

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Health Exchange Resources (HER) was created in response to the emerging health insurance exchange (HIX) marketplace. HER’s founders understood that in the new world of the marketplace, employers, exchange operators and related service providers needed guidance in understanding one another’s opportunities and meeting their needs. HER’s consultants had deep firsthand expertise in designing, building and operating the country’s first exchanges. Their objective was to convey their value proposition to folks who were new to the world of health insurance exchanges and who could benefit from their services.

HER approached Blue to revamp their external communications. Specifically, they wanted to strengthen their online presence and create a suite of materials that could simply explain what they could offer to various health insurance exchange stakeholders.


HER consultants could be masterful advisors to all stakeholders — employers, exchange operators and service providers. But first, those stakeholders needed to understand that. Blue’s aim was to simplify and target messaging so that potential clients could see what HER had to offer. To do this, we:

  • Took a deep dive with HER consultants to understand their key competencies across stakeholders and create targeted key messaging to help each understand what HER could do for them.
  • Created a modern logo and design approach that reflected the scale and opportunities of health insurance exchanges and HER’s ability to provide leadership in navigating it.
  • Developed an SEO-optimized website that provided a user-friendly experience demonstrating that the complicated HIX world could be manageable and a place for client success. It was also a place to showcase one of HER’s most valuable offerings – their one-of-a-kind HIX Benchmark Study.
  • Segmented information and messaging by stakeholder so each could see what’s in it for them. Employers, HIX operators and service providers each had their own page on the website that explained HER’s applicable expertise and service offerings.
  • Created a mailer with audience-specific inserts/one pagers that could be sent to potential clients or left behind at client meetings.
  • Blue also created a range of templates for HER that they could use for presentations and other communications.


HER left the project fully equipped to court new clients, showcase their services and better explain the depth and breadth of their expertise and offerings.

  • A full suite of digital and physical collateral with modern, attractive branding.
  • Audience-specific, targeted communications to simplify the messaging for each client.
  • An easy-to-navigate, sleek, searchable and comprehensive website that highlighted their services and unique annual Benchmarking Study.
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