Black History Month

This Black History Month, make a real commitment to becoming a true ally to your Black colleagues, friends and community.  


Build greater self-awareness and learn about the challenges facing the Black community. 

Tip: Explore resources on racial trauma, resiliency and allyship.  


Form relationships with your Black colleagues to get to know them personally, learn about their experiences and find out if they are getting the support they need at work. 

Tip: Watch the Breaking Bread, Building Bridges documentary to see how allyship can lead to greater awareness and understanding.  


Become an ally by using your voice and privilege to stand up for your Black colleagues, friends and loved ones.  

Tip: Practice active listening and speak out when appropriate. Be open to and participate in discussions regarding injustice, racism and discrimination.  


Black employees often have fewer sponsors than their white and minority counterparts. Increase career development opportunities by giving your Black team members stretch assignments and becoming a mentor to your Black colleagues.  

Tip: Join your organization’s Black Business Resource Group (where applicable) to socialize, build self-awareness, network and learn how you can help build a more inclusive work environment. 


Support and give back to the Black community. 

Tip:  Make a charitable donation to one of these Black charities or become a mentor to Black youth.